Darlington County
Community Action Agency


A Message from the Executive Director

The Darlington County Community Action Agency (DCCAA) is proud of the successes it has achieved to enhance and enrich the lives of thousands of Darlington County children, families, and individuals during its existence. What DCCAA does can only be done through the sharing of expertise and resources from many sources, including federal, state, and local government and other non-profit networks and service organizations.  Only in these ways can the lives of our constituents be positively impacted.  Hence, we are committed to fulfilling the mission of DCCAA to continue and strengthen community collaborations and to promote sustainable economic self-sufficiency by eliminating the cause of poverty through partnerships and programs to improve the standard of living of low-income individuals and families.

By striving daily to fulfill our mission, we are certain to make our vision real of becoming the premiere agency in delivering exceptional services to low-income children and families through effective program implementation and innovative partner collaboration.

We are appreciative of our funders, our governing Board and Policy Council members, our partners, our employees, our volunteers, our parents and so many other contributing sources, as without each of you, our efforts would be ineffectual.  We will continue to maximize our resources and take meaningful steps to win the war on poverty as we enhance and improve the well-being of Darlington County communities, one child, one family, and one individual at a time.

Jacquelyn James Slayton, 

Executive Director